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The Five-Minute Journal that Changed my Life!

This is a great place to add a tagline.

I received my first gratitude journal from a dear friend back in the 90’s when Oprah first introduced the concept. I had just graduated from university in my hometown of Ottawa, Ontario and was going off to the Big Apple to fulfill my dream to work in fashion on 5th Ave. (Which did come true!)


It was a simple journal that she labeled a Gratitude Journal. I kept it up for a good while then stopped. However, when I was gifted my first 5-Minute Journal almost 2 years ago it was a game changer!

I've always been deliberate about affirming myself but I must say never as consistently as when I started using The 5-Minute Journal which is a morning and nighty daily practice. I always knew the power of putting pen to paper in order to manifest your heart's desires but getting more knowledge about the science behind gratitude propelled me even more to stay committed.

I launched my coaching practice, new website, new YouTube series, events and workshops to empower my community in the midst of what was an unprecedented and challenging 2020.

The structure and ease of The 5-Minute Journal has kept me forward-thinking, boosting my resilience through the entire pandemic. That’s what gratitude does spiritually and scientifically.

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