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2-DAY Conquering Unforgiveness Workshop Sept 16th_Oct 7th.png

The Conquering Unforgiveness Workshop

I am a professionally trained Life & Leadership Coach who was inspired to develop The Conquering Unforgiveness Workshop after seeing how the practice of forgiveness allowed me to create the life of my D.R.E.A.M.'s.


I has seen my marriage restored, cultivated a healthy loving co-parenting relationship with my son's father 

and reconciled with my own father after 20 years.


Turning my pain into purpose, I now want to support other women with their healing and to experience the transformational 

effects of forgiveness using my 5-step D.R.E.A.M framework.


In this online course, I help women who struggle with letting go of anger and resentment 

learn how to forgive the hard things so they can be set free, reclaim their power, joy and peace 

and create deeper, more fulfilling relationships –especially the one with themselves.


This will be an online group coaching format.

Sat Sept 16th & Sat Oct 7th, 2023

11am EST

 2 x 1.5-hour online sessions



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I learned something new about forgiveness!

I was able to get clear on my highest commitment and keeping this commitment present helps shape my interactions with my family.

No more reliving the crazy or keeping the nightmare alive.

I liked the sharing, reflection, you felt you had takeaways and next steps.

I would absolutely recommend this workshop. It's necessary, important, and freeing.

Melida H.

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