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Hey mama,

Society has reached a fork in the road.

For a long time, mothers have been expected to work as if they don’t have children and parent as if they don’t work, all with a bright smile on their flawlessly made-up faces.

But if we’ve learned anything here at LUMO, it’s that the weight of all that responsibility with no support is neither sustainable nor realistic. Or even humane.

2.3 million women in the U.S. have completely dropped out of the labor force in the last year, according to the National Women’s Law Center.





And despite what the fancy articles say about “balancing motherhood and work” AND the tips and tricks for somehow managing both expertly…

It’s clear what so many of us juggling two laptops on the coffee table and a toddler on our lap have known for a while: work-life balance is a myth. And no hack’s going to make it easier.

No one should be forced to live their life on a teeter-totter. NO. ONE.

LUMO is here to support working mothers in successfully launching back into the workforce… owning their leadership prowess… getting (and staying) grounded in their worth…

...having authentic conversations with their employers about work-life integration.


Because our lives come as a WHOLE, not as parts and pieces. And the fragmenting of women’s energy and time is crushing them, and catastrophically impacting our communities and workforces.








We know you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders (and likely feeling it in your back too, if you’re in the last trimester) and we created LUMO specifically to lighten your load because above all, we believe mothers are natural and powerful leaders.

The workforce needs your talents, insight, empathy, and strength, and you deserve respect, support, a healthy, full life, and a position of employment that allows for that healthy life.

Stick with us. We got you.

Making working motherhood work for you,



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