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Meet the Team

Adrian is the Founder of Adrian Fanus Grooming and the1st guest on our life style show What Gives You Life?


Dionne Nicholls

The Joy Coach, TV Host, Speaker, The Builder


After an extensive journey of self-reflection and seeking the meaning of why I was put on this planet starting in 2014, I came to the realization that the gift I had to bring to the party of life was JOY.  And, that I was called to support other strong, hardworking women who may be struggling to find their identity, trying to juggle a business or career, while raising children on their own, looking for ways to heal the hurt from past relationships and navigating the intricacies of co-parenting with tools that I learned from my own experience, extensive training and resources to overcome ALL OF THE ABOVE and so much more.

Estranged from my father for years who was diagnosed with schizophrenia, giving birth to a son with a rare heart condition, feeling stuck in a 20-year career and having my 17-year relationship end in betrayal was by no means easy.

I know I don't look like what I've been through.  And, that's my point exactly.  Happiness is fleeting but JOY is everlasting.  JOY cements things.  JOY has the ability to withstand the storms of life both personally and professionally.


Today I can stand before you and say I have a close, loving relationship with my dad, I'm getting my son ready to go off to college, I launched a successful non-profit and 5-star podcast with my ex, re-writing our legacy putting good into the world by pouring into the next generation, and, I am fully living out my purpose being of service to women, mothers, leaders around the world to realize their potential and live more joyful, fulfilled lives.   


On top of being a Life & Leadership Coach, I'm also the Host of my  YouTube lifestyle series, What Gives You Life?,  featuring intimate conversations with men and women who have transformed their everyday life into one that is purpose-driven and filled with possibility! 


I transitioned into life-coaching after a 20-year career in the women's luxury wholesale fashion industry.  Some of my most notable and memorable positions were Director of Sales for French Fashion House, Sonia Rykiel and being handpicked to launch Kleinfeld's (of reality show, Say Yes to the Dress fame!) first international flagship in Toronto. It was one of the most buzzed about ventures in Canada at the time. It was a 20,000 square foot luxury emporium, hosting designers from around the world,I traveled, managed a team of 20...I should have been happy right?  I was miserable.  


In 2014, I realized there was more I was called to do to empower and educate the next generation. I left fashion and co-founded Financially CLEAN, a non-profit financial literacy youth organization. This led to the creation of the 5-star rated podcast, Two Black Guys with Good Credit where I co-hosted as "The Lady with the Facts” for 6 years before I was led to coaching.


I do my best to bring my joy, compassion, humor and my peaceful nature to every conversation which allows my clients to feel safe and show up as their full, authentic selves.

I'm also a the Brand Ambassador for The Five-Minute Journal, the gratitude journal that changed my life. It's the quickest way to experience more JOY and with daily use I have seen my dreams come true one by one.

I currently reside in Brooklyn, New York with my sweet teenage son who exudes an empathy and wisdom beyond his years.  I am a jump rope fiend and enjoy exercising outdoors in beautiful Prospect Park.  Nature is my happy place. I'm a foodie and self-proclaimed ‘avo head’. Let’s just say avocado gives me life!  It probably stems from my Caribbean roots.  I love to dance, spend quality time with friends and my big St. Lucian family. Pure JOY!

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Elicia Sambury - Operations Manager, The Glue


As the Production Manager of “Live Your Best Life For You” set, Elicia Sambury brings over fifteen years of experience from the New York fashion industry to the team.  As a Production Manager, she managed international supply chains to ensure production schedules were timely, stayed within budget and met the required quality standard.  With that quick history in mind, Elicia brings her unique blend of creativity, her knack for structure, order and full-on organizational skills to us. 


She is a natural leader, and having served in the military for five years, she was better able to hone her leadership skills to become a more disciplined woman.  On the set of “What Gives You Life”, her role includes from sourcing the guests, to arranging site visits, decorating the sets and balancing the budget.  She keeps it all together – that’s why she is the glue.  A bit of a critical thinker and innovator, during the start of the corona virus pandemic, Elicia launched a customized T-shirt printing business called Create OMG”.  


She has hosted multiple vision board events and established the “I am Women Empowering Women” social media group, which encourages women to be the best version of themselves.    A mother of two daughters, Elicia who has a keen sense of fun, says that her passion and purpose is to spread love and happiness to the world. She has travelled to thirteen countries and said she is looking forward to traveling again. 

Tsewang Headshot.JPG

Director, Cinematographer, Editor, The Visionary


Coming from the remote, Himalayas of Nepal, Tsewang Rinzin has brought the mountainous vibes to the filmmaking process with a motive to tell meaningful stories.  As Director of Cinematography on the “Live Your Best Life For You” set, Tsewang brings a strong passion for filmmaking.  With almost a decade of experience in storytelling, this visionary has been connecting the world through film, videography and photography.


His most successful achievements include creating a feature film called “Serdhak The Golden Hill”, which won him a number of awards at both national and international film festivals. The film also happens to be the first feature film from his region, in which he acted, scripted, and produced.


Not one to waste time; within just five years of living in New York city, Tsewang was able to attract a broad clientele.  Selfless in his drive as a creative, he has worked professionally in many live events, filmed documentaries, short movies and music videos. Now with more than twenty million views of his music videos online, Tsewang’s hard work is paying off.  His latest short movie has won an award for the “AT&T Create-a-thon” film festival in New York. 


Mastering his craft is not something that Tsewang takes lightly, as he continues to pursue knowledge of the latest technology in editing, videography and screenwriting.  He has completed the Independent Filmmaker Certification and Producer’s Diploma from The Hollywood Film Institute, New York, and also holds a Diploma in 3D Animation and Social Effects.

Meanwhile, this Cinematographer who literally and figuratively carries a heavy weight on his shoulder, makes hard work look easy and continues to be a man of service.  Thank you Tsewang!!

Betty Black & White.jpeg

Betty-Ann Biggart – Content/Creative Writer, The Captivator


Skilled with the pen and creative wit, Betty-Ann Biggart is our script writer.  She is the one who uses language to add color and excitement to the content on the “Live Your Best Life For You” platform as well as our trailers.  A former school teacher and model turned journalist, Betty-Ann believes that language and the use of it has the power to attract someone into your space, or the repulsion to force them away.  At least she should know… as she worked as a news-reader for four years and a radio/TV producer for a bit longer.  Her current affairs and documentary type work have featured on national television in Trinidad and Tobago.  In addition, she has produced and voiced radio and TV commercials.  


A bit of an “all-rounder” you may say, as Betty-Ann has been part of the media landscape for over fifteen years.  Her knack for writing captivating work started at an early age and in her late teens she had already contributed stories and illustrations to a children’s bible school curriculum, which was used in Africa, the Caribbean, North and South America.  Over the years, she has written and edited work for corporate organizations as well as contribute to children’s story books, one of them; “Kwabena and the Magic River”, which is currently available on Amazon. 

Betty-Ann studied media and communications at The University of Westminster in London and was employed by the BBC where she worked on a live TV program.  A bit of a workaholic some may say, but Betty-Ann likes taking on new challenges that help shape perceptions in a positive way. 


She launched her media company “Voice Box Media Services” at the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Her company provides consultancy services, voice overs, content and script writing services.  Despite finding solace through creativity, Betty-Ann enjoys comedy, cooking, singing, and traveling; the latter of which has taken her to Africa, Europe, and some of the Caribbean islands. 

Dionne & Elicia Swinging on  Lamp Post.p
Dionne & Elicia Swinging on  Lamp Post.p


Team work makes the dream!

I am so grateful for a team that brings so much love and dedication to everything they do.

I am thankful to have a team that has become family.

I am humbled to have such beautiful souls that believe in me and who see the vision without me having to paint the whole picture. They intuitively bring their color, boldness and creativity in just the right way at just the right time...EVERY TIME!

Let's go!

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