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A Prayer for Self-Compassion

Self-Compassion is a form of forgiveness. An act of generosity, an empathetic display of love towards yourself. When we don't have the strength to do it on our own because we've been beating ourselves up this way for so long, we can ask for help from our Heavenly Father.

Dear Lord,

I am becoming aware of the hurtful way I speak to myself. I hear me uttering judgments, negativity, and demeaning words to myself and I come to You seeking forgiveness and help.

It is a new idea for me to consider myself as Your beloved daughter, and as such I sense that my self-criticism is offensive to You. For offending You Lord, I am sorry and I ask Your forgiveness.

Lord, I desire peace in my interior life, peace in my relationship with myself. Please show me the way.

Thank you for guiding me to speak words to myself that are kind and supportive. Thank you for helping me to grow in self-acceptance and self-compassion. Thank you for raising my awareness to the thoughts I think and the beliefs I hold about myself that are not of You, so I may cast them aside by the power of Your name.

I yearn for an interior existence that is settled, not stirred up; at peace, no longer rife with conflict. Father grant me this grace!

Give me the grace to lift my eyes from myself, and to see You looking upon me with great love and kindness.

Teach me to let in, to truly receive, the life-giving riches You offer to me as Your beloved one, that You may be glorified in all I think, say and do.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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