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Fab Over 40 Contest, a Great Cause that Connected the Dots

I am so thankful to everyone who supported me and a great cause.

The Fab Over 40 Contest was especially meaningful to me because at the ripe age of 40 as a single mom and a singular 20-year career in fashion I pivoted into my calling as Life & Wardrobe Stylist, empowering women, especially busy moms to live a life of limitless possibility from the inside out.

It is my belief that any WOMAN, at any AGE at any STAGE can RESET her life! That was the message I dreamed of sharing with the world in that full-page spread.

Alas, I placed 7th place in the Quarter Finals of the Fab Over 40 Contest Fundraiser so the train stops here, yet the outpouring of your love, belief and blessings will continue to fuel me in all that I do.

They say with age comes wisdom and nothing in this thing called life is ever wasted. From this very humbling, vulnerable and comfort zone-stretching experience, I’ve come to understand you either win or you…

*LEARN a lesson and grow

*LOVE yourself enough to know that you are more than any temporary setback

*LEAN in to your core values and beliefs, the big “what for” that keeps your eyes on the bigger purpose and plan for your life

So utterly grateful for everyone near and far, past and present who donated their dollar and vote. We came together and did an awesome thing. We raised a few thousand dollars for breast cancer research --anything that helps women thrive is a really big deal.

A beautiful example of what is endlessly possible when faith and love are at the root of it all!


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