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The Launch of The Sip NYC, A Celebration of Minority-Owned Wine & Spirits Brands

The inaugural SipNYC at @amarachibk was as exciting as the first pop of champagne!

Cheers to Joy & James Frazier for pulling off another successful event empowering business and community of color.

There is something to be said for people who lead with their hearts. People who are pulled by their vision and recognize that a real win is when EVERYBODY wins.

Meet Joy & James Frazier, the Co-Founders of The Sip NYC and two trailblazers in the wine & spirits industry @mr.coviello Founder of @amourgeneve, creator of the first naturally blue wine in the world and Sunshine Foss, Founder of @happycorkbrooklyn a destination boutique that carries the largest selection of minority owned brands…you guessed it…in the world!

More to come! This is only the beginning of a series of exiting events!✨

Be sure to check out and support these fine brands!









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