Manifest your goals using the Conscious Vybebag containing a palo santo and sage infused soy candle, palo santo wood, white sage bundle and affirmation card. When you light the candle it illuminates your intention and release it to the universe. Cleanse your energy with sage and attract your desires and wishes. 


April Gillies 



April Gillies is a Certified Spa Trainer, natural hair stylist and licensed nail technician. She has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years providing mobile professional beauty services to both corporate and private in home locations. Born in Trinidad and Tobago but raised in Brooklyn, New York, she is definitely “trini to the bone”. As a shy child growing up in a huge family household, April was often found in a corner creating and crafting things. Having a natural inquisitive mind, she obtained her college degrees in Business Management and Human Resource Management.


After working in corporate america for over 10 years, April decided to take the leap, enter the beauty industry and never looked back. She worked as a spa trainer and senior nail service provider for the MYND spa formerly Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa corporate partner locations. Most recent clients were Viacom,  Morgan Stanley, Tiffany's, Macy's, Marc Jacob's, Louis Vuitton to name a few. She also offered freelance services at birthday, spa parties and corporate wellness events. April managed her services through Instagram: @nailsandhairbymissg but decided to revamp and rebrand her services with additional skincare products hence GODDESSVYBE was born. Goddessvybe mobile natural beauty services, haircare, nailcare and selfcare packages.


Goddess Vybes Conscious Vybebag