Memoirs of M.O.N.A


133 pages of original poetry by Nigel Birch Jr.


This is the journey of emotional changes

Outpouring through growth.

This is the ebb & flow of love

Traveling in the direction

of hopefulness.

This is where




& Evolution

Are found.


Nigel Birch Jr. is a writer, poet, host, and mental health advocate, with a new vision for love. He’s a melting pot of cultural experiences, which can be heard and seen through his artistry. His depth and introspection is felt on every stage and page he touches. Nigel write’s from the stand point of love and identity, bringing a new perspective to loving yourself and others.


He’s a wordsmith with clever wordplay, metaphors, similes, breath of experiences and passion. He’s a one of a kind entertainer that provides audiences with truth and optimism to feed the soul. Nigel’s aim is to inspire and empower people to rediscover, reconnect and re-image what is and what can be available to us; “Love”

Memoirs of M.O.N.A

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  • Soft Cover

    133 Pages