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What Gives You Life?

Do you believe that you have a lot to offer, but have not been able to pinpoint your purpose? Maybe, you know what your purpose is, but you haven’t found a way to turn it into your life's work... Well, join me for a new YouTube series, What Gives You Life? where I take you on a journey that will ignite that fire to create the life you always wanted. Through intimate conversations with my guests, you'll learn ways to hone in and tap into what gives you life! 

Show Premiere Tribute from Dionne Nicholls' son, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, family, friends, clients and colleagues. 

Episode 1: Life is a Journey with Celebrity Stylist Adrian Fanus

On this week’s episode of “What Gives You Life”, Life Coach and Wardrobe Stylist Dionne Nicholls features Adrian Fanus, the owner of Adrian Fanus Grooming who has taken the trade of barbering to what he calls a bespoken grooming experience.

Coming from a humble upbringing on the Caribbean island of St Lucia, Adrian now leads a team of groomers in New York City who lists under his clientele, Academy award winner Forrest Whitaker, actor Idris Elba, A-list celebrities - Chris Brown, John Legend, millionaire athletes, as well as the everyday homemaker.  He prides himself in serving all of his clients with the same philosophy in mind – individuality and uniqueness.

With over 10 years of managing a booming business, Adrian suffered an unexpected set back!  AFG was hugely affected by the pandemic that has taken the world by storm – Covid 19.   

Dionne Nicholls joins Adrian in reflecting on what drove him to pursue the career that would lead him to live his best life and fulfill his destiny while doing it.

Adrian says AFG has redefined the grooming experience with hospitality comfort and an excellence in customer service.  

Episode 2: Thamicha Barrow's Story of Turning Life's Setbacks into a Springboard

On this week’s episode of “What Gives You Life”, Life Coach and Wardrobe Stylist Dionne Nicholls features Thamicha Isaac, an activist, humanitarian, entrepreneur and CEO.


This motivational speaker and founder of “Openly Positive” is motivating others to achieve their life’s goals despite being HIV positive. Thamicha is proving that a positive status, can be used as the catalyst in helping you…. to dream big! A powerful lesson on self-acceptance.


So join me Dionne Nicholls, on my lifestyle show, “What Gives You Life, as I show you, how you too can be empowered to make your setback… your springboard!!

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