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Dress provided by Noni Styles

What is a Wardrobe Stylist?

You will have your own personal fashion consultant that will take time to listen to your vision for the look you want to project to the world.


Perhaps you are transitioning back onto the dating scene or into a new leadership role? We can assist you with tailoring your wardrobe to the reflect your best and most authentic self for any occasion.

Dionne Hot Pink Gown Laughing Hand on Hi

Dress provided by House of Shontell

"Life is a lot like our closets,  

we have the pieces but don't always know how to put them all together." 

--Dionne Nicholls

Dionne Green Dress.jpg
Dionne White Coat Harlem Cropped Looking

Suit provided by Noni Styles

"Personal Branding form the inside out. Whatever you want to achieve and how you want to show up in the world begins from within."  

- Dionne Nicholls, Life & Wardrobe Stylist

Dionne Young with Hand on Hip.jpeg

That's me...hand on hip! With my sister Cheril and cousin Sandra.


I remember when I was a little girl I loved to watch my mother get ready to go to the disco with my dad and at such a young age already having a say "if that belt went with those shoes" before she walked out the door. 


My mother, her sisters had an elegance that I definitely admired growing up. Proud Caribbean women on a mission to make a better life for their children and did it with so much grace and style.  

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