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"I've been working with Dionne for over 8 months. I feel like a completely different person. I'm doing what it takes to get to the next level in my work life, family life and friendships."

-Sabine Franco, Chief Esquire, Speaker, Educator, Mom, Wife and so much more...


I just purchased the 5-minute gratitude journal (and I love it!). The weekly change is to send a text of gratitude so I wanted to say thank you Dionne for helping me on my journey to become the mother I want to be (not the one I feel like others think I should be) and to creating a life of joy, abundance and gratitude!  I have made so much growth since we first met and I am so profoundly grateful to you for that.

Jacquelyn N. Raftery-Helmer, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology at Worcester State University

Jacquelyn N. Raftery-Helmer Image.png

Hear what my clients have to say...

When I first started my coaching sessions I must admit I was skeptical about the impact versus the cost. However what I learned from Dionne is the investment into myself is priceless. Dionne is a leader who imparts strength, acknowledgement, positivity, elegance and empowerment by not only her words, but by her example.  I couldn’t have asked for a better life coach.

Dionne is that shining light at the end of the tunnel.  She is able to guide you towards the end of that tunnel, while giving you the strength to strip away all the obstacles, burdens and self-doubt.

Sophia Hightower, Real Estate Broker

I started working with Dionne because I felt stuck on where I wanted to take my business.  I was full of self-doubt and lacking in self-trust.  Two months of Dionne's coaching, and I cannot begin to tell you the difference I feel.  I I am clear on the direction I want to go and the future I want to create for myself , my family and my business. 

I engaged a coaching client for twice as much as my normal rate and sold two high-priced corporate workshops.  I have a new logo for my business and much more consistent in producing content. 

I now have the experience of operating out of my essence instead of my survival mechanism.  I feel "in flow" with life, full of light, joy and inspiration.  I am incredibly grateful to Dionne for her patience, her insight, encouragement, laughter and wisdom!

Liz Newcomer, Enneagram Coach, Educator, Creator

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