Dionne Nicholls

Life & Wardrobe Stylist

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Hi, I’m Dionne

Life Coach & Wardrobe Stylist

As the Founder of Live Your Best Life For You, a life and leadership coaching business, I am dedicated to working with women, especially mothers, around the world to co-create lives of limitless possibility through forward action, accountability and fashion. 

Yep! I offer a unique coaching experience

for women from the inside out.

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 Your Best You Awaits

Ready to Move

from Powerless to Purpose?

I work with women, especially busy moms to live a life of limitless possibility, passion and purpose while finding

healthy ways to balance it all.

After pivoting into my calling as a Coach a few years ago as a single mom, at the age of 40 and a 20-year singular career in fashion, it is my belief that ANYONE at ANY age at ANY stage

can reset their life.

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Dressing from your Essence. We love to support women to have their look reflect how they want to show up in the world.

"Life is often like our closets, we have the pieces, we just don't always know how to put them together."

--Dionne Nicholls

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Check Out a Special Private Podcast Series!



I recently joined a collective of dynamic coaches called LUMO who are looking to reinvent the motherhood experience in the workplace.  


I am featured in a 5-part private podcast series that debuted in October, a little pre-launch party if you will to kick off a slew of exciting programs and resources we will be offering including our Expecting Moms program!!


Check out Maxed Out: "Am I really expected to do more?" I talk about what overwhelm looks and feels like and how it shows up in the lives of working parents.


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The 5-Minute Journal

The structure and ease of

The 5-Minute Journal has kept me forward-thinking and has been boosting my resilience throughout the entire pandemic.


With the daily practice of GRATITUDE, AFFIRMATION and SETTING my INTENTIONS daily, I've seen my goals and dreams manifest one by one.  That’s what gratitude does spiritually and scientifically.


What Gives You Life?

A weekly interview show fueled by

1 powerful question,

4 soul-excavating words...

What Gives You Life?



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