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Sharing a few of my favorite things that changed my life and I hope will help you to experience more joy, 
tap into your full potential, and turn your dreams into reality.
2-DAY Conquering Unforgiveness Workshop Sept 16th_Oct 7th.png
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This workshop is born from my personal journey of seeing how the power of forgiveness allowed me to overcome some of life's toughest challenges --from infidelity in my relationships to seeing my mother abused by my father.


I help women who struggle with letting go of anger and resentment learn how to forgive the hard things so they can be set free, reclaim their power, joy and peace and create deeper, more fulfilling relationships –especially the one with themselves.

This will be an online group coaching format.

  • Sat Sept 16th & Sat Oct 7th

  • Via Zoom

  • 1.5-hour sessions each

  • $77.70

Open for Registration!

The Five-Minute Journal

Personally Tested. Research Supported.

"The structure and ease of

The Five-Minute Journal kept me forward-thinking during

the pandemic and builds my resilience

as I navigate the challenges of life.


With the daily practice of GRATITUDE, AFFIRMATION and SETTING my INTENTIONS daily, I've seen my goals and dreams manifest one by one. 

That’s what gratitude does spiritually and scientifically."

--Dionne Nicholls-Germain, The Joy Coach

The Five-Minute Journal helps you make the time to look after yourself, change the way you think and take notice as the world reflects those changes right back at you.


Over 1,000,000+ sold

The Five-Minute Journal

Elevate yourself. Be happier. Improve relationships.
Shift your state of mind to that of optimism. 





You could be the next amongst thousands of others to hone your ability to focus on the good in life. The Five Minute Journal’s approachable and structured exercises will lead you down a path toward an enhanced version of the person you already are.

FEATURES: Morning and evening routine, simple and helpful prompts, weekly challenges, inspiring and powerful quotes that help motivate, customizable dates and printed on sustainably sourced paper stock. 

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